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Introducing our fantastic hotels adapted to your needs. Choose the one you like best and surprise yourself with everything Mallorca has to offer. Moreover, we offer you an exquisite buffet so you can enjoy a very special cuisine.

Mallorca, Cala Bona

Levahotel Levante

Located right in front of the beach, this hotel is a paradise of sun and sea for an unforgettable holiday on the coast of Mallorca.

This modern hotel offers spacious rooms with sea views, swimming pool, sauna, spa and solarium terrace. The heated pool with spa is located on the top floor where you can enjoy the best views of the sea and the sun on the horizon at dawn. It is located just five minutes from the port of Cala Bona where you can enjoy the best cuisine in Mallorca.

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Mallorca, Cala Bona

Levahotel Gran Sol

This intimate boutique hotel offers a lot of contemporary elegance and a location right on the beach.

This elegant hotel is just a few centimetres from the white sands of Cala Bona. From its fantastic chill out bar on the beach you can enjoy beautiful views of the coast and the bay at sunset. You are in the heart of the city, with shops, bars and restaurants just a few metres away. And it is a 5-minute walk from the port.

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Mallorca, Cala Bona

Levahotel Levante Park

Located in front of Hotel Levante and just a 5-minute walk from the beautiful Cala Bona harbour, the beach is located across the street within two minutes’ walk, this hotel features a large swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, sunbeds and a bar for you to enjoy a few days of leisure in a tropical setting.

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Mallorca, Cala Bona

Levahotel La Luna

Located on the beachfront and a two-minute walk from Cala Bona, this small hotel is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a stay by the sea.

This small hotel serves as an annex to the main hotels, and its guests can enjoy the facilities and services of the Levante and Levante Park hotels where you can find swimming pools, spa gym and a sun terrace where you can enjoy the best sunrises and sunsets in Cala Bona.

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